Corporate Branches

Yijiahe Technology Co., Ltd. (“Yijiahe”) is committed to the development, manufacturing, promotion, and application of special robots. We attach great importance to the construction of R&D and innovation system and the improvement of enterprise competitiveness. With advanced product and technology R&D management system, Yijiahe continues to deploy its core technologies and services.

With headquarter in Nanjing, Yijiahe has established a research and development center in the United States and Songshan Lake branch in Guangdong China. In the future, Yijiahe will successively set up R&D centers in Japan and Europe, and gradually build a systematic R&D center system with global layout. As a high-tech enterprise based on technology research, development and innovation, we will continue to adhere to the core development strategy of technological innovation, and continue to provide diversified intelligent robot products and services for users in various industries to realize our mission ‘to improve human life with intelligent technologies’.

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