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Sales Assistant

1.Sales team daily management

2.Bidding purchase and bidding representative’s management;

3.General customer consulting and support;

4.Coordinate the project with customer

5.Sales meetings and exhibitions support

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Collaboration project manager

1. Information maintenance and status tracking of enterprises, organizations, institutions and established cooperative relationships, ensuring that the information exchange between the both parties is updated in a timely manner and the content is accuracy

2. Promotion of cooperation in specific industries and well cooperate with external project managers

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Corporate culture Specialist

1.Internal corporate culture presentation and promotion and organization of relevant external cultural activities

2.Publicize corporate culture extremally and promote our values, management concepts and codes of conduct internally.

3.Built corporate culture system

4.Construct and executive corporate culture system

5, Handle work from superior

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Technical Support Engineer

1.Research and compile system solutions, and explain and present to relevant project units (electric power companies, power plants, etc.), and cooperate with sales managers to complete project technical support work;

2.Cooperate with other business departments in user communication, data sharing, and technical collaboration, etc.

3.Release bidding technical document;

4.Track the trend of industry and technology development, continuously learn new technologies and new products to complete new program development;

5.In-depth understanding of the products, optimize and adjust the deployment, test and implement the products according to the actual scenarios

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Document management engineer

1.File and manage product related drawings and versions

2.Establish and maintain company file management systems, processes and specifications;

3.Construct and maintain information system for product file management;

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Product management engineer

1.Mange routine progress of the products;

2.Collect main issues affecting during the product development phase, report, coordinate, and resolve timely

3.More than 5 years engaged in product development work with strong hardware or software development experience

4.Organize staged, technical review and decision-making of key nodes;

5.Carry out work on the performance appraisal of product managers.

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Mechanical structure test engineer

1.Test mechanical structure of robotic equipment

2.Design test plan, product structure related test requirements analysis and test design, write test cases and execute test and output test reports;

3.Expose the mechanical structure design Issues in the product design process, summarize the test problems, sort out the analysis, process tracking and quality control, and make reasonable suggestions;

4.Responsible for the mechanical structure performance test/quality verification of the product, and put forward effective rectification opinions for the new product design;

5.Structural design of the fixture used in the test;

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Budget accounting

1.Check and summary analysis the budget implementation of each department;

2.Budget account management, processing accounts according to budget management requirements

3.Accounting file management, accounting file consolidation, binding;

4.Management, customer deposit check management, loan reconciliation, write-off

5.Complete other tasks assigned by the leaders

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