Yijiahe successfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange market2018-06-13

June 12th Yijiahe Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Yijiahe, stock code 603666) was officially listed on the A-share board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Nearly 400 people from the Shanghai Stock Exchange, government leaders at all levels, investors, partners, industry media and employee representatives witnessed this historic moment.

Grasping the technological revolution represented by artificial intelligence in the process of economic globalization, and the strong demand for special robots in various industries, Yijiahe resolutely implements the state’s “new technologies, new industries, new formats, new models” Important work initiatives, continuous innovation in research and development, successful development of special robot products that can be widely used in special and high-risk environments.

“Yijiahe is an outstanding representative of Nanjing Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise. It has grown into an important provider of intelligent inspection robot products and intelligent services in less than five years and successfully landed in the capital market.” Nanjing leaders affirmed in their speeches. The company’s development also expressed its expectation that the innovative enterprises represented by Yijiahe will play an active role in promoting regional economic development and boosting the construction of innovative cities.

Yijiahe’s successful public listing in domestic capital market is a new starting point for Yijiahe’s transformation, and the company will also embark on a new development journey. In the future, the company will leverage the capital market to strengthen corporate management operations and capital operations, and strive to return employees, investors and society with better benefits. With the accumulation of advantages in the inspection of robots in the special industry, the company will expand into the fields of petroleum and petrochemical, municipal, medical, and service, providing more diversified intelligent products, services and solutions for more industry customers. Yijiahe is determined to become the “world-class robot company” from domestic to international market.

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