Ren Fuji, the academician of the Japanese Academy of Engineering and a professor at Tokushima University, visited Yijiahe2018-06-27

Recently, Ren Fuji, Academician of the Japanese Academy of Engineering, Professor of University of Tokushima, and Director of the Emotional Computing and Advanced Intelligence Laboratory, visited Yijiahe.

He visited Yijiahe’s R&D center, assembly test base, laboratory and other places. The company management introduced the scenarios and functions of robot products in detail. Academician Fuji Ren spoke highly of Yi Jiahe’s achievements in technological innovation and product promotion.

In the subsequent symposium Yijiahe’s current development and future development plans were presented. Academician Ren Fuji expressed his expectation for Yijiahe’s future development, and he also looked forward to the vision of exploring together in related fields such as artificial intelligence and robotics.

Academician Ren Fuji was elected as an academician of the Japan Engineering Society in 2009. He has served as a researcher at CSK in Japan, an associate professor at Hiroshima City University in Japan, a visiting professor at the State University of New Mexico, a professor at the National University of Tokushima, and a visiting professor at Florida International University. He is currently a professor at the National University of Tokushima, a doctoral tutor, director of a multilingual multimedia multi-purpose laboratory, director of the AIA International Institute of Highly Information Technology, the highest consultant of AGI in Japan, the highest consultant of AITS in Japan, and a technical consultant of PTOPA. Overseas Jury of the Academy of Sciences, Overseas Senior Adviser of the China Association for the Advancement of Foreign Exchange of the China Association for Science and Technology, and State Academic Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (pattern recognition). Academician Ren Fuji has made remarkable achievements in the emerging disciplines of artificial intelligence, especially natural language understanding and multilingual translation. He has published more than 500 papers, published 9 monographs in the field of intelligent robots, and obtained 25 patents related to intelligent robots.

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