Qualification and Honor
  • AAA Credit Rating Certificate
  • Quality Control System Certificate (ISO9001)
  • Environmental Control System Certificate (ISO14001)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Administration System Certificate (OHSAS18001)
  • Information Safety Management System Certificate (ISO27000)
  • Information Technology Service Management System Certificate (ISO20000)
  • Safety Production License
  • Certificate of CMMI Maturity
  • High-tech enterprise
  • Private-run Technology Enterprise of Jiangsu
  • SMEs of Science and Technology of Jiangsu
  • Science and Technology Small Giant Enterprise of Jiangsu
  • Science and Technology Service Industry Top 100 Institutions of Jiangsu
  • Industrial Design Product Gold Award of Jiangsu
  • First Ever Significant Equipment and Key Part of Jiangsu
  • Key application of new technologies and products of Jiangsu
  • 1st Prize of Technological progress of Nanjing 2017
  • 3rd Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Nanjing 2016
  • Outstanding Patent Award of Nanjing
  • Single manufacturing champion company of Nanjing
Strategic cooperation
  • AIIA China Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Alliance
  • China Robot Industry Alliance
  • Jiangsu Association of Artificial Intelligence
  • China Electric Power Technology Collaboration
  • Substation technology committee
  • Jiangsu Machinery Industry Association
  • Jiangsu Electric Power Association
  • Nanjing Association of Artificial Intelligence
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