Intelligent operation and maintenance service

Yijiahe intelligent operation and maintenance service applies the modern service industry concept to the power industry, and combines big data and Internet of Things technologies enables intelligent operation and maintenance and improves its efficiency.



Safe, stable and efficient operation:
Self-developed flight control system and digital transmission platform, controller and independent research and development software

Rugged construction and light weight:
Easy to carry and quick to deploy

  • Power line defects and issues inspection
  • Emergency detection and status assessment of power grid facilities
  • Electrical equipment routine inspection for unreachable power grid facilities
  • 3D modeling
Electrical power inspection

Equipped with dedicated sensor load patrol transmission line

High efficiency, good quality and little influence on terrain conditions

efficient, precise and intelligent transmission lines management

Infrared Temperature Measurement

It checks the temperature and temperature difference of equipment such as transformer, breaker, mutual inductor, power capacitor, lightening arrester, power cable, bus, wire, insulator chain, composite apparatus, low-voltage appliance, and secondary circuit.

It submits an inspection report after making an analysis and a judgment.

Fault and analysis report.

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