• Intensive stereoscopic storage
  • Non-standard design configuration
  • Modularized configuration
  • Unmanned operation
  • Energy optimization
  • Remote monitoring

High stability:
The automatic equipment made of excellent materials that guarantee stable and reliable operation is capable of customized design and equipped with advanced electrical parts and sensors.

Good safety:
Protective equipment including position limitation devices and emergency switches are installed to separate the workers and machines; the equipment control system encrypts the transmitted data to ensure information security.

High automaticity:
The automatic storage mode with the transmission system of the assembly line “conveyor line—shuttle vehicle—piler—goods allocation”; seamlessly connect the equipment control system and business operation system to prevent repeated work and reduce redundancy.

Excellent cost effectiveness:
Stereoscopic warehouse unmanned operation, reduce labor cost; improve the utilization of unit storage spaces, reduce storage cost; practice stereoscopic precise management to ensure “accounting record reconciled with actual inventory” and create storage benefits.

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