• Precise recognition of instruments
  • Infrared thermal imaging
  • Environment detection
  • Security alarm
  • Autonomous positioning, navigation and charge

Multiple sensors integration:
Intelligent recognition of various instruments and gates and data collection greatly reduce the workload involved in human inspection, ensure all necessary items are inspected and improve work efficiency.

Big-data oil well analysis system:
Summarize real-time conditions, analyze inspection data and equipment operation data, form inspection analysis report and offer management suggestions.

Self-defined inspection strategy:
Flexible setting, inspection sequence and content adjustment according to requests.

Constant automatic inspection:
Work automatically in oil well and charge itself, enabling real unmanned inspection.

Abnormality inspection and real-time alarming:
With precise sensing devices, the robot discovers quickly the abnormalities in oil well and send alarms, which improves the monitoring and instructing ability, failure settling ability and work efficiency.

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