• Equipment status and operation environment detection
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Fire/ temperature and humidity early warning
  • Laser navigation
  • Automatic charging

Real-time monitoring and intelligent operation and maintenance:
7*24 uninterrupted inspection, real-time intelligent monitoring of the environment, acquisition and analysis of equipment operation data.

Intelligent identification and standardized operation:
Automatically track the personnel for operation, record the detailed operation actions and features of site operators, to ensure standardized operation.

Security function:
With the face identification, motion recognition and tracking, and noise recognition technologies, the robots ensure the safe access of personnel, prevent abnormal invasion and equipment abnormity, and safeguard data security.

System linkages:
Control over network equipment, network channel, telephone channel, draught fan and other auxiliary equipment, help to confirm site conditions in the first time for possible physical environment abnormity, equipment status abnormity, and network or application system failures.

Remote guidance:
Remote guidance, command and monitoring through remote bidirectional interaction of the system.

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